Growing up quoting Mel Brooks movies in excess, I’ve always wanted to put my comedic writing skills to the test. In 2013, I wrote a one-woman show called, “Post-Collegiate Shock Syndrome: A Cabaret of Original Parodies Devoted to the Woes of the Aspiring Adult.” The show centers around a 20-something adjusting to the real world. I rewrote every song’s lyrics to sing the woes of post-collegiate life. Many of the parodies highlight a life in the arts. It includes performances by members of my family. The show has been performed at Davenport’s in Chicago, North Central College, Ball State University and The Metropolitan Room in NYC.

After the parodies, I expanded my training and took on Sketch Comedy as a writing student at The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

Below are some of the parodies from the show…


“HOW DO I BOOK GAME OF THRONES?”Parody of Heart’s “Alone”, Directed by Derek Cox and Dan Finnen


“NOTICE ME, SUTTON” Parody of “Notice Me, Horton” from Seussical


“CAROLS”Parody of Lorde’s “Royals”


“ERIN AFTER BFA” Parody of the viral YouTube video, “David After Dentist” 


“I’LL MAKE IT SOMEDAY”Parody of “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek The Musical

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